About Me

BSc. Business Information Systems

BA. Philosophy (Processing)

MSc. Human Centered Computing (Processing)

My Journey

Philosophy: Unveiling Insights Through Critical Thought

At the core of my intellectual journey lies a passion for philosophy. I am captivated by the profound art of critical thinking and analysis, constantly seeking to unravel the intricate layers of thought that shape our perceptions and beliefs. Inspired by philosophical luminaries like Nietzsche and Deleuze, I embrace their perspectives as guiding stars in navigating the complexities of existence. Through philosophical inquiry, I strive to unearth new perspectives, challenge assumptions, and enrich my understanding of the world.

Design: Crafting Visual Stories with Creativity

Design is where I unleash my creative side. Graphic design and logo design are my go-to outlets for translating thoughts and emotions into visual stories. I love playing with colors, typography, and imagery to create designs that leave an impact. And when I'm in the mood for 3D art, Blender is my tool of choice to bring my imagination to life.

Technology: The Enchanting Dance of Innovation

With a background in Business Information Systems and a Master's in Human-Centered Computing, I've got a solid foundation in the technological realm. I'm genuinely excited about the rapid pace of innovation and how it shapes our world. From coding to exploring user experiences, I'm all in when it comes to embracing the potential of technology.

Welcome to my portfolio page. I am a multi-interested individual with a diverse educational background and a deep passion for technology, philosophy, and design.

Bringing it All Together: The Confluence of Passions

My portfolio is a glimpse into my journey where these passions intersect and intertwine. It's a space where I showcase my growth, ideas, and experiments. Whether you're into thought-provoking discussions, eye-catching designs, or tech talk, there's something here for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me on this adventure. Feel free to explore, connect, and let's dive into the exciting realms of philosophy, design, and technology together


  • Adobe Suite/Affinity Suite (Level: Proficient)

  • Blender (Proficient)

  • Writing & (Proficient)

  • Microsoft Office Suite (Proficient)

  • Programming: Python, Solidity

  • Video Editing: Da Vinci Resolve, iMovie

We Can Do Something Amazing Together!